One Observing

A Curious Person's Photographic Notebook

Summer Ease

Summer Ease

Summer Ease: a long weekend with nothing to do but gaze at the blooms, listen to the birds twitter, enjoy fresh strawberries, and breathe.


Wave Watching

To the sea, II

We stand before the waves, not thinking, not imagining, not contemplating, just watching, watching, watching.

To the sea

Fallen Flowers

For the love of peonies I

Cast down, peonies still know their truth, their origin – the beauteous angel realm.

For the love of peonies II

The rain, a pause

After the rain, a pause

The rain, a pause, an interlude, before these blooms resume their summer show.

Lost and Found

Lost and Found

“It’s in this world that wandering hearts come lost, to be found.” – Pia Jane Bijkerk, “My Heart Wanders.”

Tulips Aging Gracefully

Black & White Tulips

Tulips are easy to love and admire throughout their life cycle. As they wither, the petals lose their firm minimalism, becoming tissue-paper soft and developing intriguing new forms, but always retaining their innate grace, their tulip-ness.

Floral Artistry

Roses Aplenty

This wall of roses was displayed in the entrance of the city art gallery as part of a weekend exhibition, Art in Bloom, featuring floral arrangements inspired by artworks in the gallery’s collection.

Marc Chagall Flower Still Life

Marc Chagall’s Flower Still Life, c. 1935 interpreted in a blooming bouquet.
(Floral Interpreter: Pam Simmons, Coreniche Consulting)