Mauve Magic

by oneobserving

Mauve Possibility

Call me foolish, delusional, if you must, but I am certain the colour mauve possesses supernatural charms. Whenever I put on my mauve shoes, my mood instantly lifts. My step becomes lighter, sprightly. I float above the ground, dancing through the day. Life brims with joy.

Mauve’s history may be revealing. Subtle yet eye-catching, the pale purple hue so captivated the artistic avant-garde in the 1890s that the decade is sometimes known as the Mauve Decade.

Accidentally discovered by 18-year-old Victorian chemist William Henry Perkin in 1856, mauve holds the distinction of being the first synthetic dye. In 2000 British writer Simon Garfield acknowledged the colour’s influence when he titled Perkin’s biography Mauve: How One Man Invented a Colour that Changed the World.

I am no scientist, or historian, or colour therapist, merely an owner of mauve shoes, but I can attest to the colour’s allure. Serendipitously spotted in a shop window while visiting a faraway fairytale city, its soft light beckoned me, its kindly spirit drew me in. Placing the sweet-hued shoes upon my feet for the first time, I was forever smitten. Mauve magicked me.

Wearing my mauve shoes, I walk in an enchanted version of daily life, one of possibility and imagination and hope.

Mauve is for you too. Try its magic in your life.


(Note: The information regarding mauve history sourced from Wikipedia)