On Learning Photography

by oneobserving

Blooms Alit

The word photography originates from two Greek roots:
photos meaning light and
graphos meaning drawing or writing.

With the intent to improve my photographic skills and grasp the fundamentals of capturing light, that is, aperture and shutter speed, I recently acquired a manual film SLR camera, a Pentax K1000. I am enjoying the camera’s classic design and fully manual operation. I am not enjoying the disgraceful cost of developing film or my dismal results. From four rolls of film, 24 exposures each, I have little to show. Nevertheless, I am undeterred. My film experiments will continue.

Today’s exposure records the light of one moment that struck me. The afternoon sun was illuminating these past-prime lilies growing beside a shadowed building. The enlivened blooms, in turn, transmitted light as though they were suns.