11 Tulips: A Tale of Fortune

by oneobserving


Fortune has found me. I have been favoured by the floral spirits.

Still weeks before spring flowers flourish outdoors, I fancied a beautiful bouquet to brighten the day.

The market’s tulip bounty enticed. A sign proclaimed, “10 stem bouquets.” Perfect. More than enough to satisfy my fancy. My spirits rose. My step now a joyful skip.

Carefully arranging the flowers in a vase, I discovered a surprise. My tulip bunch contained not the promised 10 stems, but 11. 1 extra, 1 unexpected stowaway.

What serendipitous delight!

Indeed, not only may I now enjoy more tulip beauty, but I like the number 11, a fortuitous figure. Its side-by-side, equal 1s display symmetry, harmony, and power.

I intend to use my floral fortune, my newly bestowed power for good.

With the authority entrusted to me, I solemnly pronounce that in the coming days you too shall be visited by serendipity’s grace and good.