Patterns and Stories

by oneobserving


The patterns and prints within this array of hanging scarves please my eye. But what truly prompts me to snap this picture is recalling the stories that each scarf tells.

The fringed, diamond-patterned wool scarf delights me with its winter warmth and good looks. I congratulate myself daily on scooping it up at a yard sale just last autumn for mere pennies.

In contrast, the silk scarf with muted tones recalls an extravagance. I remember a long-ago shopping day at a luxury London department store with a local friend who convinced me of its worth though it was beyond my budget at the time. The scarf’s many years in my wardrobe now attest to my friend’s wisdom.

To this day, the small scarf draped above the leopard print retains girlhood excitement and surprise at receiving the very accessory the mannequin wore with the green corduroy dress my mother purchased for me for an occasion I have long forgotten. But I have not forgotten the pleasure at being given this coveted, grown-up scarf.

Different times. Different places. Different me’s. All here in this daily display. In photographing it, I record and preserve my story as told in prints and patterns, fabric and yarn.