A Snow Fable

by oneobserving


On a softly snowing, moonbeam morning  . . .

A portal opened in the shimmering crystal mist, and I entered a winter otherworld where tree nymphs, emerging from dancing branches, frolicked in diamond snow. They sang too of graceful spells and sweet enchantment. Beneath a charmed birch the nimble songstresses guided me, to encounter a carefree white-tailed rabbit who counselled rest and reverie, a genial silver fox who advocated faith and folly, and an immaculate ivory doe who espoused principles and poetry.

In timeless time, a glorious, glimmering, snow queen appeared, cloaked in white gold brocade velvet and lustrous, ancient, albino pelts. “You must return,” she whispered and commanded. “You may not linger here.” With swift elegance, the regal lady shrouded me within her majestic mantle and delivered me gently to the familiar world, her parting words resonating: “If ever you speak of the hidden realm you have been, you must shield its whereabouts yet encourage others to seek it. Tell them the truth though they believe it false – this fableland resides within the commonplace and ordinary. The great secret is that all are welcome, and awaited.”