Another Autumn

by oneobserving


Today, the cold, harsh wind has created a disagreeable day; unwelcome snow flurries have even appeared, so my planned photography walk has been left on hold. Instead, I have searched through my archives and found this photograph of another walk, another autumn.

In this autumn, the season of reflection, I can still remember my thoughts on that misty morning, and the bemused look of the woman across the street, confused as to why I was snapping a picture of my feet amongst the scattered, sidewalk leaves. And of course, she was right – there was nothing remarkable about these fallen leaves – no unique colour combinations, no unusual patterns or shapes. I was not even wearing my best boots. Yet I felt compelled to record this ordinary moment on that ordinary autumn day.

Now, layered with the poignant past, I treasure this simple image, and I realise that that unremarkable moment was pretty special after all.