by oneobserving

A Gesture of Praise and JoyA tree gestures in thanksgiving

The Canadian Thanksgiving falls this weekend, and I give thanks:

  • To the artists, photographers, writers, poets, and everyday folk who share their hearts and minds on the web, offering daily inspiration and daily comfort.
  • To all of you who have viewed my photography notebook. Your kind visits and follows, generous comments and likes encourage me to continue on a creative journey.
  • To photography for teaching me that peace is found in the present.
  • To small, daily moments for revealing their true wonder and magic.
  • To my feline playmates for demonstrating that every single second possesses joy.
  • To friends and family, and those of you whom I may never meet, for being fellow travellers navigating this unpredictable and beautiful world. May you all reach your bountiful destiny.

Happy Thanksgiving !