Reluctant Models: a few feline friends

by oneobserving

The following felines do not belong to me, but I am their friend and playmate. And though they were unwilling models during this portrait session, they are delightful characters.

B&W Basil

Handsome Basil is a fierce grasshopper hunter and naughty bully to his nearly identical brother. He will steal his smaller sibling’s cherished finds (twigs, twist ties, drinking straws) and delights in flattening him with Olympic-worthy wrestling holds. But when he plays with humans, Basil is sweet, courteous and considerate. He thoughtfully tucks in his claws and even purrs with gratitude should you create a game that he finds particularly pleasing, which means a game that does not include his brother.

Manny on the leap

The aforementioned brother, Manuel (aka Manny) approaches life with great enthusiasm but little common sense: he routinely engages in a mad spinning sprint to catch his own tail. Other misguided strategies include spectacular-but-futile leaps into the air as part of his doomed plan to pluck a bird from its forever-out-of-reach feeder. Despite Manny’s faulty judgment, he deserves admiration – regardless of success or failure, he deploys full-out effort every time. And even more commendable, he displays no ill will toward bully brother Basil.

Jax outdoors

In Loving Memory:

Abandoned as a kitten, ginger Jax never let that harsh beginning squash his spirit or self-worth. And indeed, forever after, fate granted him a rich life and two loving homes. Throughout the years, this adventurous boy took full advantage of his allotted nine cat-lives, even outwitting vets’ dire predictions, perhaps due to his enduring self-esteem. His attitude said, “Here I am. What’s not to like?” Having absolute faith in his worth and likeability, Jax, in turn, liked everyone. And now, everyone will remember him. Sleep softly, little one.