Rebirth and Renewal

by oneobserving

Remain Hopeful

In the Victorian language of flowers, daffodils denote regard and chivalry. These early spring bloomers also indicate new beginnings and rebirth – fitting flowers, then, to introduce this initial post and restart the One Observing notebook, which had its birth on another site (now gone) in 2011.

The daffodil’s history is also one of renewal. Admired by the ancient Greeks and Romans, these bright blooms then fell out of favour until the early 17th century when an English group discovered them, growing as weeds, and cultivated the eye catchers in gardens, re-establishing their value.

Today, golden daffodils remain popular. Their sunny disposition symbolizes joy, happiness, and friendship. With that joyful spirit, I welcome all readers to this new space.

On a final note, the Canadian Cancer Society declares April as Daffodil Month in support of people living with cancer. Kind regards to those courageous ones.

(Source of Daffodil info: The Flower Expert)