One Observing

A Curious Person's Photographic Notebook

Autumn Mosaics

Autumn Seen I

As snapped on a cool morning photo walk, the colours and patterns of autumn’s mosaics.

Autumn Seen II

Autumn Seen III

Autumn Seen IV


Holy Ground

Wherever life takes you

“No matter where life takes you,
the place where you stand at any moment is holy ground.”
Susan Vreeland, “Lisette’s List”

Daily Treasures

The world is quiet here

“Treasure this day, and treasure yourself. Truly, neither will ever happen again.”
– Ray Bradbury

September Here

Journey Safe I

Here, September sees the wild geese high in the cool blue air, proclaiming and practising for the momentous migration south.  Journey safe.

Journey Safe II

Mass Transit

Mass Transit (2)

“Bicycles are the most efficient vehicles on the planet, 50 times more efficient than cars, and twice as efficient as walking.”  Godo Stoyke

Country Still-Life

Rustic Still-Life I

The simplicity, roughness, and modesty of this casual display of household artifacts in a historic country cottage demonstrates the wabi-sabi aesthetic.

Rustic still Life II

A Day at the Lake

At the Lake I (1)

Though this day at the lake was cool and cloudy, it was still a day away, away from routine and ordinary thought. A day to be another, or perhaps, an occasion to be one’s true self.

At the Lake II

At te Lake III