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Winter Light

Time of Light

Christmas is the time of light. Happy Holiday to all!

November Begins

Seasonal Tones

November 1, 2015 (1)

The 11th month of our year, November originates from the Latin novem (nine) as it marked the ninth month of the Roman calendar.

In the northern hemisphere, it heralds the final days of autumn, the loss of light and warmth, and the transition to winter’s monochrome and minimalism.

This next-to-last month is mature, pensive, revealing sweet melancholy as a natural, necessary season of life. Greetings to November!


Autumn PaletteThis weekend Canada celebrates Thanksgiving. I wish everyone in Canada a Happy Holiday. And to all others elsewhere may you, too, receive theĀ  bounty and blessings of the season.

Turn the Corner

Turn the Corner

Seaside Geometry

Seaside Geometry I

Seaside Geometry II

The Overlooked

The OverlookedPerhaps, the ordinary,
the overlooked,
desires attention too,
and in being noticed,


An Open Door


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