One Observing

A Curious Person's Photographic Notebook

Travel Books


“A book travels for days, for years, sometimes for centuries to reach you at an exact point in time.” – Lang Leav, “The Universe of Us”

May your next book travel a safe path to reach you at the destined point in time.

Against the Odds: Weekly Photo Challenge


Life feels tough sometimes, like navigating an unpredictable, treacherous path, and you are not sure you are able to suffer the slings and arrows. But, against the odds, a light emerges in the dark, coming toward you.

Light and Shadow Play


Weathered and Worn Wonder


A worn and weather-beaten, yet wonderful, wall at the Evergreen Brickworks in Toronto, Canada.

Coloured Glass


Divinely lit by the sweet winter sun, the marinating fruits and vegetables in these glass jars upon a cafe shelf recalled the translucent colours of stained glass windows in a place of worship.


Once Upon a Time


Walking upon this path through the woods seemed serene and safe at the time. Only in reproduction did the scene reveal its rather sinister elements – the pronged branches at right projecting ominously toward unsuspecting passersby like the gaping jaws of a beast about to snatch the heroine in a folk tale. Perhaps I had a lucky escape. I take comfort, and courage, from knowing that fairy tales have happy endings. Usually.

A Visitation of Light




Signs of hope for the New Year. May 2017 treat you kindly!