One Observing

A Curious Person's Photographic Notebook

Within the handwriting

“Some part of the writer’s spirit had passed into the handwriting, and had stayed there.” – Philip Hensher, “The Missing Ink”

May the light come

“May your darkness be quiet and the light come sooner than you need.” – Bridget Collins, “The Binding”


Never Enough Beauty

No one’s ever said, ‘I’ve had enough beauty for today.'” – “House Beautiful”

A Choice

Choose meaning over perfection.” – Quinn McDonald

Hello Green!

The greening of spring has finally arrived here. I welcome it with open arms, open heart. Come, let’s go for a walk:

All Books Spellbooks

A reader begins innocently. Unaware that just one rustle of page, rhythm of line, or run of letters will release the spell that alters a life forever.

What Dreams May Come

Your dreams are not ending, but reawakening.

Small Stillness #3

If only for this moment, let light still the sorrow.

Small Stillness #2

May light grace you. Be present.

Small Stillness in Strange Times

Stay still. Stay strong. Stay safe.