One Observing

A Curious Person's Photographic Notebook

Walk upon the path of joy

“Imagine the ground is crazy with excitement to feel your feet upon it.”
– Jessica Amos



Awed by light reflections dancing across the room.

Apple Pic – ing

It is apple season – the transition time between summer and autumn.

The Fallen Ones
Apple Pickers
Magic Apples

August has 31 days

The eighth month of the year, August is the last month of summer. How will you spend your time? I wish you colour and light, and easy breezy summer days.

Floral Happiness

“Flowers always make people better, happier, and more hopeful; they are sunshine, food, and medicine to the soul.” – Luther Burbank, American Botanist and Horticulturist

Peonies are a favourite. They share their beauty only for a moment, but while in bloom, I am happier, hopeful gazing at their frilly selves, breathing in their sweetness, lightening my heart.

June Joy

Welcome June! I give thanks for your sunny warmth, your green vibrancy, and your joyous flowers.

Strolling Savannah

Interior designer and author Charlotte Moss urges travelers “to squeeze the most out of every minute. Who knows when you’ll be back?” With that directive in mind on a first visit to Savannah, Georgia, I wandered this beautiful city with purpose and pleasure. The antebellum architecture, abundant green squares and tree-lined streets render Georgia’s oldest city a strolling delight:

In the historic neighbourhood, lush greenery and light-dappled walkways create magical streetscapes.

One of the city’s 22 squares, Chippewa Square displays a bronze statue of General James Oglethorpe, the founder of Savannah in 1733, and the man responsible for its pedestrian-friendly urban design.

A luscious mansion in Madison Square, which was created in 1837 and named for the fourth American president, James Madison. Furthermore, Madison Square is considered one of Savannah’s haunted spots, with sightings of a shadowy figure floating and frolicking through the square.

Decorative ironwork is a common feature in residential architecture in the historic district.

A moment for rest and reflection in the courtyard garden of Owens-Thomas House & Slave Quarters, a Regency mansion built in 1819, now a museum dedicated to exploring the relationship between the richest and poorest in early 19th century Savannah.

30-acre Forsyth Park, a popular gathering spot, includes an iconic Victorian fountain, live oak trees with hanging Spanish moss, and a fragrant garden for the blind.

A glimpse of Cathedral of St. John the Baptist from the park-like Colonial Cemetery.

With its sub-tropical, coastal climate, Savannah has varied blooms colouring and perfuming the city nearly year-round.

Savannah’s appeal includes enticing cafes, boutiques and antique shops. The napping fellow here is one of three feline managers at E. Shaver, Bookseller.

“. . . simply being present when traveling is the greatest pleasure” (Charlotte Moss). That present pleasure has created a future self who is grateful for the sweet memories. After all, who knows when I’ll be back?