One Observing

A Curious Person's Photographic Notebook

A Greeting of Light

The astonishing light of you (1)

This morning, sunlight entering a front window. A magical greeting.


Losses and Gains

New Year 2018

“Well something’s lost, but something’s gained in living every day.”
– Joni Mitchell, Both Sides Now

Fearlessly accept the daily losses and gains of your 2018.
Happy New Year!

Merry Christmas Wishes

Merry Christmas 2017


Season’s Greetings

Door too

Wishing everyone a Happy December! May you always open the doors of warmth, welcome, and wonder of the season.

Autumn Mosaics

Autumn Seen I

As snapped on a cool morning photo walk, the colours and patterns of autumn’s mosaics.

Autumn Seen II

Autumn Seen III

Autumn Seen IV

Holy Ground

Wherever life takes you

“No matter where life takes you,
the place where you stand at any moment is holy ground.”
Susan Vreeland, “Lisette’s List”

Daily Treasures

The world is quiet here

“Treasure this day, and treasure yourself. Truly, neither will¬†ever happen again.”
– Ray Bradbury