One Observing

A Curious Person's Photographic Notebook


Untitled II

Untitled I


Black & White Simply

Black & White Simply


Through a window above

Lying dormant and lackluster during the winter, this small park, surrounded by nondescript office buildings, awaits the careful gardeners who return in spring to restore it into an oasis of colourful vitality, while  nearby workers, too, await re-entry into this outdoor sanctuary.

Tulips seem only a dream now

Dreaming of Tulips

Holiday Wishes

Holiday Nostalgia

May everyone’s holiday be filled with
beauty, abundance, and joy.

Suburban Skylines

Foggy Skyline I

Foggy skyline II

Two black & whites from a foggy morning.

Looking back tenderly . . .

A Sepia Still Life

Flawed moments,
when looked back upon
with a softened heart,
not their failings,
but fragility,
and for that,
the soul
the memory


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