One Observing

A Curious Person's Photographic Notebook

Tulips Aging Gracefully

Black & White Tulips

Tulips are easy to love and admire throughout their life cycle. As they wither, the petals lose their firm minimalism, becoming tissue-paper soft and developing intriguing new forms, but always retaining their innate grace, their tulip-ness.

Floral Artistry

Roses Aplenty

This wall of roses was displayed in the entrance of the city art gallery as part of a weekend exhibition, Art in Bloom, featuring floral arrangements inspired by artworks in the gallery’s collection.

Marc Chagall Flower Still Life

Marc Chagall’s Flower Still Life, c. 1935 interpreted in a blooming bouquet.
(Floral Interpreter: Pam Simmons, Coreniche Consulting)

Bicycle Days

Bicycle Days !!

The day is warm and sweet, perfect for a bicycle jaunt. “She who succeeds in gaining mastery of the bicycle gains mastery of life.” -Frances E. Willard, 1895.

Cat Interrupted

Cat Interrupted

A raucous gang of birds outside interrupted this fellow’s nap time, and though he is a dedicated bird watcher, on this occasion he decided they were not worthy of his interest, so he put his head back down and returned to sleep. For hours.

Early Spring on the Nature Trail

On the Nature Trail. Early Spring

Weeks to go yet before leafy greens dominate this nature trail. For today, the reddish shrubs offer their colour, reveal themselves, before being eclipsed by spring verdancy.

Happy Spring !

Welcoming Spring (1)The first day of Spring means donning your finest splash-proof boots and dancing through melting snow puddles. On International Day of Happiness to boot, what could be more fitting!


Tellme what is your yearning

With winter refusing to release its hold here, deploying cruel temperatures and harsh winds, spirits are fragile. We wish for other; we wish for spring. We wish for tulips – those spring heralds blooming now only in dreamland.

Yes to tulips