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London Flânerie

Flânerie: Urban Wandering

“Through flânerie, time is not lost, it is rediscovered! Guided by instinct, senses all alert, flâneurs watch passing moments intently, all the better to seize them. Flâneurs garner, forage and gather. “*

This is a gathering of passing moments seized as I wandered London.

Pierre-Alexis Dumas, Artistic Director, Hermès
Wanderland: An Hermès Exhibition
Saatchi Gallery, London. April 9 to May 2, 2015.
St Paul's & Millenium Bridge

Millenium Bridge

London Underground

St James Park

Big Ben

Trafalgar Square

Sunny Day at Victoria and Albert Museum

Tate Britain

Royal Academy of Art

Detail Houses of Parliament

River Thames near Waterloo

Note: The first and last photographs in this series are film; all others are digital.

Always Flowers

Daffodils on a Windowsill

There may be no fairy tale endings, but there will always be flowers.

Gallery Goers

Gallery Goers I

Gallery Goers II

To view and contemplate art, allowing its spirit to reveal itself, one must remain receptive and serene. The dedicated gallery goer therefore wears sensible shoes.


Untitled II

Untitled I


Black & White Simply

Black & White Simply


Through a window above

Lying dormant and lackluster during the winter, this small park, surrounded by nondescript office buildings, awaits the careful gardeners who return in spring to restore it into an oasis of colourful vitality, while  nearby workers, too, await re-entry into this outdoor sanctuary.

Tulips seem only a dream now

Dreaming of Tulips


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