One Observing

A Curious Person's Photographic Notebook


Foretelling Autumn Hues

On a subdued, grey morning, the vibrant hues of this lone flower, survivor of a thundering hailstorm the evening before, seem incongruous. Though out of sync with the mood of the day, the flower’s saturated red, orange and yellow tones foretell the coming autumn palette.

To the lake

Seawall Art Gallery

Boats and Water

Testing the Water

At the Boardwalk

Prairie Landscape

Summer Fields

Prairie Summer

These photographs were taken from a moving vehicle, an idea shamelessly copied from other photographers. My experiment garnered mixed results, but I rather like these two shots, the movement blurring the summer crop fields and tree lines into simple bands of colour against the big blue sky, creating minimalist abstract compositions that emphasise the distinctive horizontality of the prairie landscape.



Zinnias and More

Flowers never fail to gladden my heart. If your heart needs gladdening, I offer this bouquet to you.

Soon, Magic

Soon, Magic

Soon, magic will be worked, and we, undeserving but grateful, will be graced with the magician’s apple pies.

Recycling Vitality

Regaining Vitality

The vibrant days for this shabby building appear long gone. Yet it receives daily vitality as artists and students from the community college across the street visit the thriving art supply store within. The building also houses an enterprising arts organization that retrieves reusable materials from businesses, saving the items from landfill sites and redistributing them to local artists at no charge.

A Walk on the Wild Side

Soft Purple Mood

Yellow Sun

Thistle Trio

Yellow Ruffles

Complementary Colours

Buttercup Buttercup

As summer progresses, homeowners tend their garden blooms and create beautiful displays, but on a weekend walk, these wild flowers, steps away from their cultivated kin, capture attention too.


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