One Observing

A Curious Person's Photographic Notebook

Suburban Skylines

Foggy Skyline I

Foggy skyline II

Two black & whites from a foggy morning.

Looking back tenderly . . .

A Sepia Still Life

Flawed moments,
when looked back upon
with a softened heart,
not their failings,
but fragility,
and for that,
the soul
the memory

Another Film Composition

Prepared for Winter

With cold days ahead, an industrious soul has cut and stacked firewood at the ready. And the visual interest of the recycled logs provided a subject for my ongoing experiments with film photography.

I was drawn by the composition of the stack – a randomly ordered, yet rhythmical pattern of differently sized circles interrupted by the horizontal log lying at the bottom and the two vertical ones at right.


Winter Walk

Winter Walk

Winter comes early and stays long here. This is not pleasing. I am not a snow person. Once, I believed I had escaped from this winter cold place, but life, being the trickster that it is, has sent me back.

Nonetheless, snow and cold do not stop me from walking. I am a walker. And on this morning, my only companions are my cosy, comforting parka, the satisfying, squeaky crunch of my boots upon the snow, and the refreshing, clean air. In this small moment, I am at peace.

Best Wishes

A Wedding Bouquet

Congratulations to L & K!

May you have many years of happiness.


Three Red Bars

Entry with secret code only

On Learning Photography

Blooms Alit

The word photography originates from two Greek roots:
photos meaning light and
graphos meaning drawing or writing.

With the intent to improve my photographic skills and grasp the fundamentals of capturing light, that is, aperture and shutter speed, I recently acquired a manual film SLR camera, a Pentax K1000. I am enjoying the camera’s classic design and fully manual operation. I am not enjoying the disgraceful cost of developing film or my dismal results. From four rolls of film, 24 exposures each, I have little to show. Nevertheless, I am undeterred. My film experiments will continue.

Today’s exposure records the light of one moment that struck me. The afternoon sun was illuminating these past-prime lilies growing beside a shadowed building. The enlivened blooms, in turn, transmitted light as though they were suns.


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