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Luxury: (noun) the state of splendour and contentment when surrounded by precious objects such as flowers, books, mementoes.

An Illustrated Imagined Glossary of Home

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11 Tulips: A Tale of Fortune


Fortune has found me. I have been favoured by the floral spirits.

Still weeks before spring flowers flourish outdoors, I fancied a beautiful bouquet to brighten the day.

The market’s tulip bounty enticed. A sign proclaimed, “10 stem bouquets.” Perfect. More than enough to satisfy my fancy. My spirits rose. My step now a joyful skip.

Carefully arranging the flowers in a vase, I discovered a surprise. My tulip bunch contained not the promised 10 stems, but 11. 1 extra, 1 unexpected stowaway.

What serendipitous delight!

Indeed, not only may I now enjoy more tulip beauty, but I like the number 11, a fortuitous figure. Its side-by-side, equal 1s display symmetry, harmony, and power.

I intend to use my floral fortune, my newly bestowed power for good.

With the authority entrusted to me, I solemnly pronounce that in the coming days you too shall be visited by serendipity’s grace and good.

A Contemplation of Light and Shadow




Entering through a partially raised window blind, the afternoon sun spills over a lone measuring cup and forms shapes of light and dark upon a kitchen countertop, creating an abstract composition and quiet contemplation.

Instances of Looking Up


To look up means to seek and find.


To look up means to trust that all will be well.

Totem Power


At this site, the steel lattice transmission towers are being replaced with towering wooden poles as seen here.

The soaring, slender supports intersected by steel crossarms call to mind the power and presence of totem poles, albeit stark ones, whose regular, rigid geometry contrasts yet co-exists with the surrounding organic structures of irregular nature.



a still moment, a moment still

Beckoned: A Diptych



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